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Holidaying in Rio de Janiero

Rio de Janiero was the capital of Brazil on and off for two centuries until 1960, when the administrative structure of the government was moved to the inland planned city of Brasilia. This move did nothing to diminish Rio's importance or economy, however; the city remains the second largest in Brazil as well as the third largest urban area in all of South America. In terms of world cities, Rio ranks 26th in terms of population.

Carnival celebrations and balneario beach resorts have each done their part to make Rio the most visited city in the entire southern hemisphere. One of the iconic images of Rio known worldwide is the enormous statue of Christ the Redeemer that sits at the summit of Mt. Corcovado. This site has been named as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. Another landmark in the city is the Maracaa Stadium, one of the worlds largest. It will form part of the 2016 Summer Olympics, which are slated to take place in Rio de Janiero. This will be the first time a city in South America has the opportunity to host the competition.

Rio de Janiero vacation homes are perhaps best visited during Carnival season each year. At that time, the Sambdromo comes alive. This is a parade avenue in the city that is permanently lined with grandstands for the thousands of tourists who want to watch the spectacle of the colorful Carnival parades that take place at this time.

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