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Jazz is a Central Feature of Healdsburg, California

Situated in Sonoma County, Healdsburg is a small city with about 11,000 permanent inhabitants. Widely considered a commercial center for the county, Healdsburg is also regarded as one of the wine capitals of Northern California because no fewer than three important regions that produce wine come together at Healdsburg. These regions are Dry Creek, the Alexander Valley, and the Russian River. The town center is a charming plaza built in the 1800s that today serves as a focal point for both locals and visitors enjoying vacations in holiday homes in Healdsburg.

The Plaza

This plaza is more than a simple gazebo. It also offers a variety of activities that delight tourists, including the opportunity to sample a variety of fine local wines and dine in the area's fine restaurants. Apart from food and drink, the plaza area also features art galleries promoting local and regional artists as well as upscale boutiques selling a variety of eclectic merchandise. Some of the art galleries focus on a single local artist while others feature works produced by artists whose names are nationally and internationally recognized. Wi-Fi access to the internet is also available in the plaza area.


An interesting feature of local restaurants is that all year long, dining establishments in the town feature several nights of live jazz music for the entertainment of diners. In addition, every June there is a jazz music festival held in Healdsburg.

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