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Key West for Art Lovers

Located just 90 miles from the Caribbean island of Cuba, Key West contains the southernmost point in the 48 contiguous United States. It is a part of the Florida Keys chain of islands and is sometimes referred to as the "Conch Republic." Indeed, at one point a dispute with the U.S. Government caused officials on Key West to announce their independence from the United States, but the short-lived independence movement was tongue-in-cheek even while it was ongoing.

Bird-Watching on Key West

The island offers several fascinating attractions for visitors enjoying their Key West holiday rentals. One of these is the Audubon House and Tropical Gardens, a museum displaying art works created by John James Audubon, who would go on to found the avian conservation group known as the Audubon society. As one might expect, many of his paintings feature birds native to Key West. To this day, Key West offers excellent bird-watching opportunities.

Art and Artists in Key West

The visual arts remains a powerful motivating force for residents of Key West. The Studios of Key West were established in 2006 in a historic armory building; it seeks to provide a working model for a modern community of artists and features not just working studio spaces but also a sculpture garden and an exhibition hall. Several artists live nearby in adjoining cottages and other residences. The Studio offers free lectures to locals and tourists alike and also provides creative workshops in several areas of the visual arts.

Another popular attraction is the Old Town of Key West, which tourists can explore on foot or by rented bicycle.

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Key West and the Florida Keys

Posted by Lurey Taylor, Llc on Thursday, August 02, 2007
The Florida Keys are a chain of islands connected by bridges and span over 150 miles! The Florida Keys and Key West offer something for everyone. Enjoy the beauty of the American Caribean with fabulous sunsets (and sunrises!)The Florida Keys offer world class fishing and boating with the Gulf of Mexico on one side of the islands and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. Enjoy the beaches and state parks. The Florida Keys have an abundance of historical sights for exploring. There are many great restaurants, galleries and lots of entertainment.