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Playa del Carmen, a phrase that in Spanish means, "Carmen's Beach, is a balneario resort town along the Caribbean coast in Quintana Roo, one of Mexico's 31 states. Balneario resorts are designed for the comfort and enjoyment of tourists and are characterized by large offerings of recreation, food, cultural events, sports, and other entertainment, as well as abundant retail outlets offering both native and cosmopolitan goods. Playa del Carmen, like other balneario resorts, is most popular with tourists during the summer vacation season when visitors can take full advantage of the beautiful beaches and warm, sultry weather.

As of the last Mexican census, Playa del Carmen had a population of slightly over 100,000, which is more than enough to provide a diverse range of tourist amenities. Tourism first began here with a ferry service across the channel to Cozumel, which is a world-renowned destination for scuba divers. Tourists passing through began to appreciate Playa del Carmen both for itself and for a healthy fresh-water diving sport called cenote that became popular here.

Guests staying in vacation rentals in Playa del Carmen will have the opportunity to enjoy the "Riviera Maya, a term which encompasses the Caribbean coast of Mexico from Cancn to Tulum. One of the more unique attractions in the Playa del Carmen area is the Xcaret Eco Park located just south of the town. It stands as possibly the world's only park devoted to both ecology and archeology.

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