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Navarre Beach: Scenic Enough for a Movie Set

Navarre Beach is located not only in Santa Rosa County, Florida, but also on Santa Rosa Island, one of the state's many barrier islands in the Gulf of Mexico. Unlike many such communities, however, Navarre Beach is far to the north in the area known as the 'panhandle' of Florida. As such, it is situated quite near to Pensacola Naval Air Station as well as to the town of Navarre on the mainland.

Tourists staying in holiday homes in Navarre Beach have easy access to Navarre Beach State Park located directly to the east. Just to the west, however, is another wonderful nature attraction: the Gulf Islands National Seashore. Beyond that, tourists can explore the city of Pensacola Beach. The elevation of the barrier island that hosts Navarre Beach is quite low throughout, making the beach readily accessible from any point on the island.

You May Already Have Seen Navarre Beach

Many people who have never been to Navarre Beach may already be quite familiar with parts of it. A large portion of the motion picture Jaws 2 was filmed in the community during the late 1970s.

Beach Conservation and Preservation Project

The residents of Navarre Beach and indeed, all of Santa Rosa Island, are quite proud of their barrier island and particularly the beaches. Due to many years of erosion, the beaches had been losing sand, but this process has now been reversed thanks to a "beach renourishment" project that began in 2006. By the time the project was finished that same year, more than 300 feet of sand had been added to the beach.

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Navarre Beach

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Tucked away in a corner of Northwest Florida, far from crowded theme parks and packed beaches, you will find a piece of the old Florida offering solitude and simplicity for sun seekers, families, outdoor adventurers, nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts. Welcome to the Beaches to Rivers of Santa Rosa… The Beaches to Rivers of Santa Rosa encompass three main vacation destinations that give the area its name: Navarre Beach, Historic Milton, and Blackwater River State Forest.