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Seagrove Beach: A Florida Favorite for Generations

Seagrove Beach is a community in South Walton County, Florida. This places it along the Gulf Coast in the Panhandle area of the state. The name of the community is quite apt; the beach here features thick groves of oak trees planted along the shoreline. These are non-native plants but serve an important purpose of helping to shield the community from the strong winds that can sometimes blow in from the Gulf of Mexico.

One of the best things about vacation rentals in Seagrove Beach is the fact that this area is so charming that many of the same families have been coming here for generations. This gives Seagrove Beach a unique sense of community and continuity that can be missing from some vacation resort areas. At the same time, Seagrove Beach has recently begun to commercialize a little bit more, adding the kind of amenities that some tourists do not wish to go without, such as restaurants and a variety of different shops.

Some of these shops cater to the tourist crowd by providing the equipment needed to fully enjoy the sand and surf nearby, such as beach toys and bodysurfing boards. Others rent out bicycles so that tourists can get another kind of exercise as they explore the inland areas of Walton County.

This development emphasis has brought new tourists to the area and has improved the local economy to the point where is looks like a safe bet that vacation homes here will continue to draw visitors for many years to come.

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