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Relaxing Pace of Life in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Vacations are a time for rest and relaxation. Myrtle Beach makes this very easy by welcoming their visitors with no fewer than four different tourist centers. Available at each are brochures about local attractions, bus schedules, calendars of local events, and maps of the area. A stop at one of these centers is an excellent way to get your vacation off to a good start. If you go in the morning and bring along your swim gear, you can lie out on the beach afterward and spend a leisurely few hours perusing the promotional materials you have collected.

Visitors to Myrtle Beach should be aware of local tipping practices. Both servers and restaurants and taxi drivers will generally expect a tip of up to 20 percent, but few restaurants add a tip to your bill without your permission. It is also polite to tip hotel staff, but since an amount as small as a dollar is sometimes appropriate, this will not cost much. Bars in the city usually have a tip tray on the counter and any kind of gratuity is appreciated.

Many areas of the United States have adopted a strict no-smoking rule in restaurants and other public areas. While Myrtle Beach has city rules applicable to eating establishments, many restaurants implement their own no-smoking policies. Public transport throughout the city, however, has a no-smoking policy. This includes both buses and trains.

With these tips, guests in Myrtle Beach vacation rentals will be prepared to enjoy their trip to South Carolina.

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