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North Myrtle Beach Recreates an Old Fishing Village

South Carolina has a great deal to offer tourists, but one of the more unusual attractions is to be found in North Myrtle Beach, a city on the Atlantic coastline. This would be Barefoot Landing, a complex of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. What makes Barefoot Landing so special is not its location along the Intracoastal Waterway, though that is certainly eye-catching. Its real attraction for vacationers is its long stretch of dock that has been built to resemble an old fishing village. Strolling along the boardwalk here is like taking a trip back to a simpler and more romantic time.

The scenery fits the mood to a tee; an expanse of lake covers more than 27 acres, and all around Barefoot Landing, you can see exotic fish as well as migratory water birds. That is just the beginning, though. Creative shopping venues provide entertainment all along the landing. One example is Conley's House of Magic, which not only sells equipment and costumes for would-be magicians, but also features live demonstrations of magic tricks all day long. Even better, if one viewing is not enough to help you master your favorite trick, all you have to do is watch the demonstration again on one of the televisions in the shop. These let you see the tricks from different angles.

Take advantage of Barefoot Landing and book a stay in a holiday home in North Myrtle Beach for your next vacation.

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