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South Beach: More than a Diet

Most Americans have heard of South Beach, Florida because of the famed South Beach Diet that swept fitness classes and bookstore shelves a few years ago. The phenomenon of the diet, however, should tell prospective visitors a lot about South Beach itself. The name refers to a specific neighborhood in Miami, Florida and is well known in the Miami area for the fit and healthy sunbathing beauties that grace the beautiful tropical shoreline.

One of the most popular activities in South Beach is bicycling. Residents here have been using bikes as a primary mode of transportation for years, which has led to an infrastructure supportive of alternative transportation. Streets, even major ones, have bike lanes and are pedestrian-friendly. More recently, commercial operations have begun to open themselves up to the possibilities inherent in encouraging visitors to the neighborhood to get around on bikes as well. In 2011, the bike rental company DecoBike began operations all across Miami Beach, including the South Beach neighborhood. With over a thousand bikes available to rent, DecoBike has become very popular with both tourists and locals.

Bikes are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and since there are 100 rental stations scattered across the city, there is bound to be one located near one of the South Beach vacation rentals you may be considering.

Be sure to bike over to Lincoln Road, South Beach's finest shopping district, with many boutique shops and an emphasis on the arts and cultural activities as well.

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