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Palm Bay: Turkey Creek Sanctuary

Palm Bay, a city located in Brevard County, Florida, boasts slightly more than 100,000 permanent residents. This makes it the most highly populated city in the county and one of the most significant cities in its region. The city is situated along the Atlantic seaboard, but very slightly inland from the coast itself, which means that tourists staying in Palm Bay holiday homes can reach both the beach and inland attractions such as the extensive series of parks available in the Palm Bay parks system.

The Turkey Creek Sanctuary in Palm Bay

A combination nature center and public park with all the usual amenities, the Turkey Creek Sanctuary and the Margaret Hames Nature Center is located just behind the city's community center, which places it right next door to the town library. With over 100 acres of nature to explore, the Turkey Creek Sanctuary borders the banks of Turkey Creek itself and offers visitors a variety of activities including a boardwalk through the coastal woods and jogging paths through the forest.

The creek itself is a haven for a variety of native Florida species such as the American alligator and the marine mammal known as the manatee. In addition, tourists may spot Florida cooters in its waters; these are a variety of turtle. Fish such as the gar as well as otters are also known to inhabit Turkey Creek, and common avian species along the banks include owls and ospreys.

Turkey Creek Sanctuary opens at 7am each morning and remains open until sunset unless seasonal hours are posted otherwise.

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