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Visit Knott's Soak City in Palm Springs

Located in Riverside County, California, Palm Springs is a desert resort town that has been a popular vacation spot for literally generations. A mid-sized city, Palm Springs has slightly less than 50,000 people and is famous for the quality of its golf courses as well as the presence of the celebrities who often travel here from Los Angeles to play a few rounds.

Knott's Soak City

One of the wonderful things about Palm Springs vacation homes is that the area features warm temperatures all year long, so much so that many residents of the colder climes of Northern California like to travel south to winter in the area. A side effect of this warmth is the fact that Palm Springs makes an excellent location for water-based recreation. One example of such 'fun in the sun' is embodied by the Knott's Soak City water park.

Inspired by the Southern California surfing scene of the 1950s and beyond, Soak City Palm Springs has a number of 'spills and chills' water slide attractions including the Tidal Wave Tower, which features two slides that are more than six stories tall, and the Sea Snake, a 50-foot slide that plunges riders into darkness. There are also raft rides that mimic the action of a rapidly churning river such as are found in the Western United States, and a wave pool with more than 800,000 gallons of water.

For safety's sake, there are height limitations on some attractions.

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